Line 6 POD HD Pro Review

Line 6 POD HD Pro

With 22 amp models, 8 microphone models, over 100 built in effects, the POD HD Pro is one powerhouse of a rackmount unit. The ability to run your guitar through 2 parallel signal chains with their individual amps, effect pedals, and micing emulation. To top it all off, the unit’s inputs and outputs make it easy to use in any type of setup, including over a dozen connections on the rear of the device. This POD allows users the ease of working with whatever connections they have available, including Balanced XLR and Unbalanced 1/4″ connections for analog, S/PDIF, MIDI & AES/EBU ins and outs for digital, or even USB for a connection directly to your computer. There are two 1/4″ inputs on the back as well, making it easy to use the unit in your rack without constantly having to connect cables to the 1/4″ or XLR inputs on the front.


  • 22 Amp Models
  • 16 Speaker Cabinets
  • 8 Microphone Models
  • Parallel Signal Paths
  • 19 Delays
  • 23 Mods
  • 17 Distortions
  • 12 EQs/Compressors
  • 26 Filters
  • 12 Reverbs

The Front
The front connections are perfect for recording in your control room, saving you from connecting a DI in a live room and messing with a cue/talkback system. In addition to their ease of access, the 1/4″ provides users with a switchable pad, and the XLR input has a high pass filter, phantom power option, and a -20 pad. The HP Filter and -20 are extremely useful features if you are micing an amp using a microphone that lacks these features, which several common guitar mics do (such as an SM57 or an MD421).  The selector knob makes it extremely easy to bank through your presets and find something close to what you want fast. The directional pad to the right of the screen makes it easy to select which part of your channel strip you want to edit, bypass, or change. Up to 10 effects can be added to the signal path (more if you utilize the parallel function). Each one can be adjusted using the 4 knobs below the screen. The amplifier model gets even more control to the right of that, with independent Bass, Mid, Treble, Drive & Presence knobs. Users can also adjust the Volume of both the amp and Master Volume in this section. Finally on the front, there is a tap tempo button that will also make the unit a (surprisingly accurate) tuner when held down for a certain amount of time.


The POD series has always been perfect for the professional looking for the option to dial in his preferred tone, then tweak it until it is just right. Similar multi-effects processors have the issue of having decent presets, but don’t give the users fine control to make it their own. The POD HD Pro is no exception to the rest of the POD line, allowing users to change the settings of everything in their signal chain, from the speed and depth of a chorus, to the drive and tone of all 17 distortion models. Even the amplifiers are able to be fine-tuned to just the right sound right from the unit.  There is also a looping function built into the unit making it easy and convenient to stacking your sounds on top of each other. Being able to tweak your sound is the key to finding the perfect guitar tone for your tracks, and Line 6 has never failed to make sure those changes are available to you.


Setlists are an awesome feature on the POD HD Pro that let you store your best presets into 8 separate banks, allowing quick access. This comes in handy in multiple applications, both live and in recording. Live musicians using the unit with multiple acts can have a different bank for each group. The ability to save multiple presets in these setlists make it a breeze to find the perfect sound at home, then quickly switch your tone by song with a single turn of a knob. In a studio, the setlist feature makes an even bigger impact, allowing owners to sort their favorite sounds into genres or styles for quick access dependent on the act they are recording that day. All setlists and presets can be easily named from the unit, making it for you to keep your DAW open on screen without opening other applications. By default, setlists include “Best of HD,” “FX Heavy,” “Songs/Style,” ” Bass/Acoustic/Vocals” “L6Link<->DT” for owners of a DT series amplifier, and 3 user banks. Each of these playlists have their shining presets, and some truly unique sounds can be achieved by utilizing some of the synth sounds or the bass/acoustic/vocal presets.

Regardless of the size of your recording setup, the Line 6 POD HD Pro adds unlimited tonal options to your palette. The presets are easy to navigate and adjust, and after learning a bit about the device, the System & I/O Setup can be just as easily navigated. If you’d prefer to control the unit from your computer, the POD HD Pro Edit software available from Line 6 gives an amazing on-screen interface, with easily accessible options and specialized images for each part of the effects chain. Check one out at your local store or online on the Line 6 Product Page.


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