Slate Media Technology Introduces Raven MTX Multi-Touch Production System

Raven MTX

Steven Slate’s name has been everywhere these past couple years with amazing products such as the Trigger drum-replacement software and even more recently with the Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine plug-in. To balance themselves in the world of Digital vs. Analog, Slate Media Technology offers high-end analog products including the Dragon Compressor and Fox QuadTone microphone preamplifier. Until now, the closest they’ve come to merging both sides of the recording world was analog emulation within their plugins. The Raven MTX is set to break any and all barriers between the intuitive process of analog mixing and the digital convenience of DAWs and plug-ins.

The Raven MTX’s 46-inch touch screen fills about as much space as you’d need for a small recording console, but it’s features empower the users to control almost any aspect of their recordings from tracking to final mixing. With hundreds of features yet to be discovered, the Raven Mixer software appears to be the heart of the device. The Mixer will allow users to control everything from pans to fader automation to the plug-ins used on each track. Below the mixer is the fully customizable Raven Toolbar, which lets you assign hot keys, control your transport, and a “NAV Pad” that looks like it will function much like Apple’s trackpad. The Toolbar will also make it quick and effortless to switch between the windows of your DAW and the Raven Mixer.

To properly merge analog sound with this amazing device, Slate Media Technology ensured the best in output options. While input information is yet to be released, the output section includes 4 speaker outs, 8 cue outputs, and a 7.1 surround capability. Also included in the Raven MTX is a built-in laptop speaker reference system called, “Betty” which is great for comparing mixes across the board without needing to disconnect anything. The Raven MTX’s availability is expected to be released this coming weekend, as a demo model of the Raven MTX will be available at the 2012 AES Convention which takes place October 26th – 29th. Check out the official Slate Media Technology multi-touch overview below:

For more information on the Raven MTX, check out the product page on

All information taken from the official Slate Media Technology press release.


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