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Event 20/20 BAS Tweeters

Event 20/20 BAS Monitor Review

The Event 20/20 BAS monitor is a modern take on the original 20/20 monitor that blew the minds of mix engineers everywhere in the 90‘s. This improved, modern version really lives up to its name. These monitors are the definition [...]

November 9, 2012 Equipment Reviews
Golden Age Pre-73 MKII Preamp

Golden Age Project’s Pre-73 MKII Review

Golden Age Project is at the pinnacle of inexpensive, professional audio equipment and a do-it-yourself enthusiast’s dream company. Based on the vintage Neve 1073 microphone preamplifier (a go-to for many vocal recording sessions), the Pre-73 MKII is an amazing replication [...]

August 20, 2012 Equipment Reviews
dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate

dbx 266xs Compressor/Gate Review

dbx has been a leader in compression technology, ever since their VCA compressor started the pro audio compressor market in the mid 70’s. Their equipment can be found in nearly every studio, live venue, and broadcast facility. While their effectiveness, [...]

June 8, 2012 Equipment Reviews
Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter

Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter Review

I would never advocate using a compressor/limiter on your output as a quick and easy, do-it-yourself way to master your music. If placed there, something like the L2007 will be very effective at making your track sound louder and radio [...]

April 30, 2012 Equipment Reviews

PreSonus Studio One 2 Review

PreSonus has slowly been making it’s way into the digital audio workstation (DAW) market for several years now, releasing the first incarnation of Studio One in 2009. With this new release of the software, more features than ever are filling [...]

February 7, 2012 Equipment Reviews

Line 6 POD Farm 2.5 Platinum Review

It’s safe to say that any guitarist would love to have one of every amp, every pedal, and every other form of processing available in the ideal studio. Unless you own a multi-million dollar studio though, you’re probably limited to [...]

January 13, 2012 Equipment Reviews
Apogee Duet 2 Interface

Apogee Duet 2 Review

The Duet 2 is one of the easiest interfaces to operate, making it the perfect solution for home recording enthusiasts looking for a portable interface with amazing clarity. The built-in LED display and multifunction knob make controlling your inputs and [...]

December 12, 2011 Equipment Reviews
Line 6 POD HD Pro

Line 6 POD HD Pro Review

With 22 amp models, 8 microphone models, over 100 built in effects, the POD HD Pro is one powerhouse of a rackmount unit. The ability to run your guitar through 2 parallel signal chains with their individual amps, effect pedals, [...]

December 5, 2011 Equipment Reviews
Pro Tools 9

Pro Tools 9: Pros & Cons

Pro Tools has been the industry standard for the past decade when it comes to professional quality recording studios. With many unique features and add-ons, Pro Tools operators have a wide palette of sounds and options at their disposal. With [...]

June 26, 2011 Equipment Reviews, News
AKG Perception Microphones

AKG Perception 420 Microphone Review

AKG has a long-standing reputation for being at the forefront of microphone technologies for more than 60 years. Founded in Austria in 1947, AKG, short for Akustische und Kino-Geräte, has expanded to include headquarters in Germany and the US. One [...]

June 24, 2011 Equipment Reviews