Blue Cat Audio Releases Free Amp Simulation Plugin

Blue Cat Audio - Free Amp Hero

Blue Cat Audio has a reputation for some of the most powerful freeware plugins available to the audio community with massive cross-platform support. The release of the new Blue Cat Free Amp guitar amp simulator plugin introduces three new amp models to audio engineers and guitarists alike for rich, in-the-box guitar tone. The Free Amp guitar amp simulator includes three models based on some of the most sought after rock guitar tones with a range that spans decades of recorded music.

The three amp simulations (classic clean, classic drive & modern drive) were created using Blue Cat Audio’s Destructor amp sim/modeling plugin. All amps were inspired by legendary, real-world guitar amplifiers. The three available models are intended to cover a wide range of tones from modern, high-gain metal to the vintage & vibe-y classic rock and funk sounds of the past.

The plugin is created for simple operation; meaning guitarists without much recording experience can plug-in to their interface or DI, load up the plugin in their DAW & go. 24 presets are available for each simulation to start off with a great tone for every song, and more are available for download from Blue Cat Audio’s site (once again, for free). Further tweaking can be done using the amp’s Gain, Drive, EQ, Tone & Volume settings, just like on a real amp.

The Free Amp plugin uses the same modeling technology behind the Destructor distortion and amp sim modeling tool ($99) and the Axiom multi effects processor and amp simulation software ($199).

Main Features

  • Free guitar amp simulation plugin
  • 3 amp models inspired by legendary amplifiers: “classic clean”, “classic drive” and “modern drive”
  • Simulations based on the Destructor dynamic distortion and amp modeling engine
  • Zero latency

Tech Specs

  • Formats: Mac-AAX, Mac-AU, Mac-VST, Mac-VST3, Win-AAX, Win-VST, Win-VST3, Win x64-AAX, Win x64-VST, Win x64-VST3
  • Native DSP code for optimal performance
  • Full MIDI control and automation support with silent, zipper-free parameters update, advanced response control and MIDI Learn
  • No CPU load on idle: when the plug-in is fed with silence, the processing smoothly shuts down, to optimize the CPU usage of your Digital Audio Workstation
  • Customizable user interface with transparency management and zoom
  • Smooth Bypass: activate/deactivate the plug-in with absolutely no noise
  • Undo/Redo Functionality
  • Full-featured, integrated presets manager
  • Copy/paste the state of the plug-in between instances using the system clipboard
  • Any sample rate supported

To download the Blue Cat Free Amp plugin, head on over to the Blue Cat Audio download page. The plugin is completely free, and does not require any type of registration or dongle for licensing. Keep an eye out for our review of the Blue Cat Audio Free Amp, coming soon.

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